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Visit our Showroom

We offer our huge range of fireworks to buy online and offer delivery in the Essex and Suffolk counties.

If you’d prefer to come and see our range to buy fireworks, then our Showroom in Witham is the perfect place to get all your firework display needs.

We stock major, quality brands like Astra, Night Star and Cosmic. To ensure that you get quality, safe and reliable fireworks to guarantee you and your family have a night to remember!

Whatever your needs we have a full stock of Rockets, Candles, Fountains, Cakes, Barrages and Sparklers.


Come on down and grab at a bargain

at our fully stocked showroom!


Our range of display packs offer excellent value providing a range of fireworks to get you going for a firework display.


We’re not just open for bonfire night! We’re finding NYE fireworks have become increasingly popular at home over the years! 

Avoid all the rush and long queues at NYE displays and host your own at home! We’re available for fireworks delivery as always or alternatively we will now be open from the dates covering:

27th December till 31st December

Opening Times

Opening Dates & Hours
15th October – 5th November

10.30am - 7.00pm - Monday - Sunday

27th December – 31st December

10.30am - 7.00pm - Monday - Sunday

Please note that our online store is open year round for delivery!


Unit 186,  Eastways Industrial Estate, Witham, Essex, CM8 3YS


Visit us Here

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